Caramel Baileys Pound Cake

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Sunday - November 12, 2017

I wish I could post some sunny blurb about how this is the best bundt cake ever, but there's actually a bit of a story behind this one, and I think I netted out on having a love hate relationship with this. My first attempt at making this was an utter failure. I haven't had a baking failure this bad in YEARS. I tried to make it in a weirdly shaped pan hoping that it would be an ok substitute for the bundt pan recommended, and that was a risk that did not pay off. I came home late from an event and started my second attempt around midnight. I had a bit of a struggle getting it out of the pan and a big chunk of it came out separately. I did my best to patch them together and cover it with caramel sauce, but my sauce drizzle was less chic and beautiful and more sloppy and excessive. Overall, I was feeling pretty low on my self as a baker until I tasted the cake. It is SO GOOD.

You can actually taste the Baileys (I was expecting it to cook off a bit more) and it's the perfect mix between a crispier edge and super moist and dense center. The caramel glaze is really sweet an pairs nicely with a dense cake, and I found myself eating way too much of this cake (yet another reason I "hate" it ;)). Given how good it was I'll probably try to make it again at some point, but my confidence really needs it to come out perfectly the first time around next time.

Recipe from Life Love and Sugar
Yield: 1 bundt cake