Chocolate Espresso Sugar Cookies

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There’s certain pictures that I will always click on when I see them online, without fail. If I see a picture of a colorful street in Notting Hill, boom, I’ve clicked through. A photo of the Amalfi coast that looks like it was torn out of the pages of Vogue? I’ve clicked on it before it’s even finished loading. A French Bulldog puppy doing something adorable or wearing a sweater? YES PLEASE. This same impulse happens when I see a picture of a crinkle cookie. Usually the crinkle cookies I see on Instagram are of the ginger variety so when I saw this dark chocolate looking cookie with beautiful crinkles I knew I had to make it mine (aka bake it). 

These cookies are chocolatey, espresso-y, and have the perfect chewy texture. They’re simple to make and addictive once you start eating them. Now go do yourself a favor and bake these cookies (and Google “Amalfi Coast” and “French Bulldog Puppy”).

Recipe from The Sweet and Simple Kitchen
Yield: 18 cookies