Cranberry Orange Scones


Cranberry Orange Scones

Tuesday - August 15, 2017 

Truth be told, I was never the biggest scone fan growing up. Compared to a gooey cinnamon roll, scones just never seemed like the best option when ordering a treat at brunch. That all changed once I found this recipe a few years ago. These scones are so light and delicious that it’s a little too easy to have two or three (or three and a half, halves don’t count right?). I knew these scones were a game-changer when I found myself referring to them as my “go-to scones”.

I just got back from a 4 month trip, and these were the first thing I wanted to make once I was back in the kitchen. I bought my mom a souvenir lemon curd from Fortnum and Mason in London (edible souvenirs = the best souvenirs) and wanted to make her scones to try it with. I was afraid I'd be a bit rusty in the kitchen after taking a 4 month hiatus from baking, but this recipe is simple enough that I felt like I nailed it when they were done. It aaaalmost feels like we're back in London with these!

Recipe from from Brown Eyed Baker.
Yield: 10 scones