German Chocolate Cake Cookies

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Friday - November 10, 2017

German chocolate cookies, so cool right? I had plans to go to a friend's Friendsgiving celebration wanted to make a German chocolate something since it's her husband's favorite. I remember the last German Chocolate cake as being fairly labor intensive and I didn't have the time to make a whole cake since I was also bringing a cheesecake to the event. I searched for German Chocolate cookies and was surprised to see these ones from Handle the Heat. Her recipes are always on point so I felt confident making these for the event. Everything down to the fudgy chocolate cookie were on point! Honestly GCC (new abbreviation?) aren't my favorite but people who love that flavor profile were big fans of these cookies. I feel like they're the best of both worlds - perfect German chocolate cake flavor with the simplicity of baking a cookie!

Recipe from Handle the Heat
Yield: 24 cookies