Gingerbread White Chocolate Blondies

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Friday - December 1, 2017

I make a lot of the same recipes every holiday season. I have my favorite festive holiday sugar cookies and go-to peppermint brownies; I even have my annual melty snowmen cookies (because everyone needs to enjoy some yearly melty snowmen cookies). Sometimes a recipe like this comes along and bam - it's been added to my winter baking lineup. The gingerbread blondie is unbelievable. It's so chewy, rich and so full of gingerbread flavor that and you totally feel like you should be eating them a ski chalet in Switzerland. The white chocolate chunks add a sweet kick and a little bit of texture; they're the perfect compliment for the gingerbread. I'm already planning another batch of these this week (and for the holidays every year...).

Recipe from Handle the Heat
Yield: 24 blondies