Homemade Pop Tarts


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Growing up I was always a huge fan of the store-bought pop tarts. Strawberry, s’mores, cinnamon flavor? Bring em all on. My love for pop tarts had a resurgence when I was in college and realized I could buy whatever junk food I wanted, whenever I wanted. Delicious? Yes. Healthy living? Naaaaaht so much. I’m not sure why I waited so long to bake my own pop tarts, but now I’m all about the homemade variety. I loved using this recipe from Food 52. The crust was super flakey and delicious, and they held their shape perfectly. I usually fill my pop tarts with apricot, strawberry or raspberry jam, and top them with a homemade glaze. I cut these into hearts for Valentine’s Day, but I also love making the more classic rectangular pop tarts (an ode to the original!).

Recipe from Food 52

Glaze: Soooo I never measure my glazes, even though I keep meaning to! I usually start with about a cup of powdered sugar, and then slowly add milk until it reaches the perfect consistency.