Milk Chocolate Ganache

When it comes to baking, I've found that sometimes the simplest desserts are the ones I love the most. I'm currently mixer-less in Dar es Salaam and needed to figure out a buttercream alternative for topping a cake. I thought chocolate ganache could be a good solution, because my general life strategy is that chocolate is always a good solution :) I used the All Recipes recipe to get started, and made mine milk chocolate. I also had to use milk because I don't have cream but it's good to know that milk works for this too! 

8 oz milk chocolate, chopped
1 cup heat cream (milk will work too if you don't have cream!)

1. Put your chocolate pieces into a medium sized bowl. Heat up the cream or milk over heat on your stove. Let the cream come to a boil, then pour it over your chocolate and whisk (or stir in my case, I don't have a whisk right now!) until it's smooth. 

2. Allow the ganache to cool and then use if however you would like! I used this batch to top a chocolate cake, but I also love using ganache as a delicious filling  for cupcakes. Enjoy!