Nutella Stuffed Banana Muffins

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.53.14 PM.png

January 29, 2018 - Monday

These muffins were a case of “woah those look incredible I need to make those”, basically as soon as I saw the picture. I usually have Nutella around the house (as any good baker / dessert lover would) so I was able to get started on these later that day. I’m pretty sure I doubled (tripled? Honestly unsure) the amount of Nutella that the recipe called for, but their way these are the muffins of your dreams. The banana muffin part of these is moist and the Nutella blob in the center could very well be the best thing to happen to you the morning that you make these.

I love muffins, but I also recognize that they are a total breakfast scam. Muffins are basically cupcakes that you can shamelessly eat in the morning. Some even have frosting. What makes a muffin different than a cupcake? I’m seriously asking, because I have no idea. But one thing I know is that if I eat a red velvet cupcake at my desk at 8:30 AM it’s “too early” but if I replace that with a chocolate muffin suddenly it’s breakfast. Albeit not a particularly health breakfast, but still counts. That being said, I love muffins and the muffin scam is one that I’m totally down with.

Recipe from Shiran Dickman