Pumpkin Bread

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Tuesday - November 7, 2017

You know when you have a ton to do, and you end up spending an absurd amount of time reading a random article online, or falling deep down the rabbit hole of Youtube videos? In college it seemed like whenever I was studying for a midterm I would miraculously find a fascinating human interest piece about an NBA player online at ESPN or Sports Illustrated that I just had to finish at that very moment. This past Monday night was no different. I sat down to study math for the GRE when I thought I'd take a quick break to find a good pumpkin bread recipe for the next night. I stumbled upon this incredibly detailed and fascinating write-up of a pumpkin break bake-off on The Pancake Princess. When I emerged from my all-things-pumpkin-bread daze about 40 minutes later, I had bookmarked about four different recipes that I couldn't wait to try. 

The very next night I baked this pumpkin bread from Smitten Kitchen. The cinnamon sugar top was insane, and it totally puffed up to be a lot larger than I was expecting. I was so happy when I cut into it this morning at work; it was super moist and not at all dry (my fear with breads!). I have a few more to try but I'm definitely glad I started with this one!

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen 
Yield: One Loaf