Chocolate Cake

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March 2, 2018 - Friday

Baking for birthdays is one of my favorite things to do. March 2 is the birthday of one of my new coworkers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and I was determined to bake something for her. I was a bit nervous when I started planning because I don't have any of my usual cake supplies (think mixer for buttercream, frosting piping tools, cake pans, sprinkles etc etc I was missing so much!!). My coworker said she loves chocolate cake, so I searched online for simple recipes I could make in my humble 8x8 pan. I settled on this recipe, tracked down some rainbow sprinkles at the market, and pulled out my favorite chocolate ganache recipe

This cake came out SO well. It was moist and rich and paired well with the chocolate ganache. My coworkers seemed to love it too (but I mean who doesn't love chocolate and rainbow sprinkles let's be real). 

Recipe from I am Baker
Yield: one 8x8 cake